The Faculty Blockchain Masterclass | Member-Only Event cover photo

The Faculty Blockchain Masterclass | Member-Only Event

Mar 25 at 11:00 AM - Mar 25 at 12:30 PM AEDT

Blockchain for DummiesTM

The skills you had in 2019 aren’t going to be the skills you need to thrive in 2021 and beyond.  Understanding the power of blockchain is a critical piece of knowledge you will need as we move deeper into the business era known as Industry 4.0.

The good news is your peers are educating themselves.  A 2020 survey of supply chain professionals showed 80% were familiar with blockchain – a whopping 21% increase on the prior year.  And almost half of respondents plan to invest in blockchain over the next two years.

Yet for all the ways blockchain is modernising the supply chain, some still view the technology with a healthy dose of scepticism. There’s still a great deal of room to establish what role blockchain plays. Its place in the supply chain toolkit still isn’t fully defined.  

And that leads to ongoing misconceptions.  So this session will put the record straight...and also make sure you know the basics for when you’re next asked about this valuable new technology.

Harness one of the hottest topics in Procurement today in this 90-minute session as top US influencer Joanna Martinez details how you can get the most out of working in a digital world.

The technology is there to do the heavy lifting for us - it’s time to put it to work. It truly is a matter of working smarter, not harder.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase your understanding of AI, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud Computing and Blockchain
  • Understand the benefits and limitations working in a digital environment
  • Implement solutions in different ways depending on the unique constraints of the organisation

This session is for The Faculty Roundtable members only. For more information on The Faculty Roundtable, please contact [email protected].


Speaker Joanna Martinez photoJoanna MartinezFounder and Chief Disruptor, Supply Chain Advisors LLC
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