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RE: RE: RE: imagining RFx! How the end of email will save procurement

Feb 17 at 1:00 PM - Feb 17 at 2:00 PM CET

Email has become the bane of the 21st century workers’ existence.

Superhuman conducted a survey in 2021 and found 89 percent of respondents said their daily work tasks such as sorting through an inbox of unopened emails or navigating incoming Slack or Teams messages is one of the most unpleasant parts of working remotely.

Procurious’ 2021 research report “What Next” showed that one of the largest sources of frustration for procurement professionals globally right now is communication with their internal stakeholders.

So prolific is this dissatisfaction with emails, that Forbes has estimated it could be responsible for 38% of workers quitting their jobs. Not a statistic any employer wants to see, but nevertheless one that will likely continue to grow with the new status quo of working flexibly from home or the office. An unfortunate and inevitable repercussion? More emails.

Join us on 17 February 2022 as we hear from Jack Macfarlane, CEO, DeepStream, Matt Plummer, Founder and CEO, Zarvana and Sarah O’Brien, CEO, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council discuss the way out. We will be discussing;

  • Whats wrong with email?
  • How email is failing procurement?
  • The way forward - Re-imagining RFX
  • And how saving time checking emails could increase your companies sustainability objectives

This is a webcast not to be missed register now and regain control of your inbox.


Speaker Jack Macfarlane photoJack MacfarlaneFounder and CEO, DeepStream
Speaker Matt Plummer photoMatt PlummerFounder and CEO, Zarvana
Speaker Sarah O’Brien photoSarah O’BrienCEO, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
Speaker Tania Seary photoTania SearyFounder and CEO, Procurious
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