2022 BRAVO EMEA Launch and Information Session cover photo

2022 BRAVO EMEA Launch and Information Session

Apr 28 at 12:00 PM - Apr 28 at 1:30 PM BST https://www.procurious.com


You’ve achieved so much in the last few years.   You’ve not only survived, but you’ve thrived!

You’ve stayed close to home, developed your skills and got the job done.  But now it’s time to 'Be Part of Something Bigger'!

The BRAVO Leadership program is about empowering you to take charge of your career and to reach your full potential.  It is an eight-month online membership program designed to help you unpack self-limiting beliefs, set professional goals, learn to negotiate the career you want and come to grips with the current rules of play at work.

Come along to our launch and information session on April 28 to learn all about the 2022 BRAVO Leadership program, what you will get out of it and how it will positively impact your professional life. 

You'll also get an exclusive chance to hear Michelle King, Author of The Fix. Michelle is a globally recognised expert on gender equality and organisational culture who will explain that to tackle inequality we need to fix workplace cultures, so they work for everyone.   

Join us for this exciting launch event and sign up for the 2022 BRAVO Leadership Program to:   

  • Achieve your career goals
  • Drive the economic recovery
  • Build a global network of women in procurement
  • Break down cross-company and industry silos
  • Improve cultural diversity
  • Support ALL women in the supply chain
  • Grown demand for female talent in procurement and supply chain

"BRAVO is the mentor and advisor you always want over your shoulder. It’s an opportunity to gain valuable life skills in a community of women just like you – who are passionate about succeeding in procurement and supply chain."

Patricia Whitney | 2022 BRAVO Supporter

See you on April 28 with Michelle King and kick start your BRAVO journey with a BANG!


Speaker Michelle King photoMichelle KingAuthor of The Fix, and Managing Director | Equality Forward
Speaker Tania Seary photoTania SearyFounder | Procurious, The Faculty & The Source
Speaker Andrew MacAskill photoAndrew MacAskillChief Commercial Officer| Fraser Dove International
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