EMEA BRAVO | How to Strengthen your inner (Cheer) Leader Masterclass cover photo

EMEA BRAVO | How to Strengthen your inner (Cheer) Leader Masterclass

Jun 7 at 11:00 AM - Jun 7 at 12:00 PM BST

Born without arms, not without attitude!

Nicky Abdinor is an expert on focusing on what you CAN do.

Nicky has a passion for challenging our perceptions of ABILITY. She is a firm believer that it’s not our situation but how we THINK about our situation, that determines our emotional well-being.

In this 60 minute masterclass, Nicky applies her expertise in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Schema Therapy, helping you implement practical tools to strengthen your inner (cheer)leader and guide you through the below questions.  

  • who is the inner (cheer)leader?
  • what are the barriers to the inner (cheer)leader?
  • how do we strengthen the inner (cheer)leader?

Nicky interweaves her personal story with key concepts in psychology to look at how you are able to face adversity and challenge with hope, optimism and curiosity. She delivers a message that is authentic and captivating, with lessons that are easily translated into actions in our careers and personal lives. With her witty sense of humour and natural speaking ability, Nicky will keep you captivated and also spur you into action!

See you on June 7.


Speaker Nicky Abdinor photoNicky AbdinorClinical Psychologist & inspirational speaker
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