What’s included in BRAVO membership?

The program is packed with valuable learnings, the best conversations, countless tools, strategies and inspiration to help you negotiate the career you want. 

Masterclass Program

Curated to cover the issues that will help you build courage and take charge of your career. Delivered online by world-class thinkers, you will be invited to 5 x 60-minute masterclasses jam-packed with case studies, practical advice, tools, and live Q&A opportunities to fuel your learning and your energy levels.

  1. Changing the world through sustainability- With 16 years’ experience in sustainability, Dr Cle Anne Gabriel will teach you how to harness your leadership superpowers for good.
  2. How to Identify allies and advocates -Learn how to build an environment where diversity and inclusion can thrive. Creating positive change, to better understand the untapped opportunities within your teams.
  3. Negotiation- Uncover the tips and tools you need to prepare for every negotiation, learn how to put them into action, and see which ones work best for you.
  4. Building Bridges Round the world- Unconscious bias, what is it? Where does it come from? And how can we grow to make conscious choices instead? 
  5. CPO Spotlight - Ask us Anything! -  In this panel discussion, you’ll hear about the top leadership takeaways they’ve learned throughout their impressive career journeys and get the answers to your most burning questions

Mentoring Program

You are invited to join a truly inspiring women-only learning and mentorship program designed exclusively for ambitious women in procurement and supply chain.

  1. Speed strength - Does imposter syndrome ever force you to doubt your abilities? It’s time to develop the tools you need to unlock your inner confidence and amplify your strengths 
  2. Building boundaries between work and home - Learn to build boundaries and reduce burnout with these after-work mindfulness techniques and incorporate chair yoga into your daily routine to alleviate stress. 
  3. Negotiating your career - Join one of our industry’s leading global headhunters and two of her placements share the toolkit and know-how you need to get the career you want.
  4. Mindfulness for stress reduction - Learn to build boundaries and reduce burnout with these after-work mindfulness techniques.

BRAVO-The Event

This annual high-energy, high-vibe experience, focussing on You, Your Career & Your World, is packed with ideas and inspiration from some of the world’s best speakers and thought leaders in procurement and professional development.

Program Resources

To help put your learnings into action, we’ve gathered all the resources, including digital handouts and worksheets from the program together in one hub. You can find practical worksheets and information to reference as you operationalise your learnings and embed new skills into your ways of working.

Library of Inspiration 

You’ll get exclusive access to our online library of talks and resources produced by inspiring women – some from procurement and others who are leaders in their field of career development, coaching and motivation.

In addition, 2023 program members have access to recordings of mentoring sessions and masterclasses from the 2022 program.


You will also receive your unique BRAVO journal – a keepsake to record some of the insights and inspirations you learn along the way.