9.30am Welcome to Big Ideas London 2023: What is your Big Idea? Tania Seary, Founder, Procurious, The Faculty, & The Source.

What are the biggest ideas affecting procurement? They say your network is your net worth. Tap into one of the world’s biggest networks of Procurement and Supply Chain thought-leadership with its founder and mastermind, Tania Seary as she helps articulate, formulate, debate, and execute your Big Ideas.

9.35am Forever Beta: Unlearn the past to reshape the future. Terence Mauri, Founder Hack Future Lab and MIT Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence 

Without Procurement, the world’s Supply Chains would come to a standstill. So how will Procurement look in the virtual world? In the Forever Beta world, not taking a risk is a risk. Are you writing headlines for future success today or leaving it to chance? Take an exciting tour of the metaverse with Terence Mauri, the world’s most in-demand futurist and disruptor.

9.55am Crisis, what crisis? The UK economy after Brexit and Covid. Jonathan Portes, Professor of Economics and Public Policy, King’s College London

We called COVID a pandemic: so what do we call Brexit? Discover the Brexit economic legacy from Professor of Economics Jonathan Portes. Navigate the true economic effects – and damage – of Brexit, and how you as a Procurement leader can weather these conditions.

10.10am Net Zero and The World. Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel, Founder, ThinkZero & National Leader Decarbonisation Transformation, KPMG Australia

“Net Zero” and Carbon Neutrality used to be great green ideologies – now they’re necessities. There’s no better way to clean up and green up than with KPMG’s Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel. Get the latest data, trends, figures, and strategies from the international authority on Decarbonisation Transformation – and make it happen!

10.30am Surviving as a CPO. Ian Holcroft FCIPS, Procurement Director, J. Murphy and Sons

If Procurement and Supply Chain weren’t challenging enough on a daily basis, add leadership to the mix. How do you thrive as a cutting-edge Procurement Leader and survive everything that comes part-and-parcel with the profession? J. Murphy and Sons’ Procurement Director Ian Holcroft FCIP, will share first-hand strategies, best practices, and knowledge to keep you at the top of your game.

10.45am Get your Talent and Keep your Talent. Darren Peiris, Global Group Head of Talent Acquisition, National Grid

As a leader, what can you do to find the best talent? Often leaders underestimate their role in the recruitment process. Human Resource expert Darren Peiris will share his insights on the current recruitment and staffing landscape in procurement and share his top tips to help you create a marketplace for talent.

11.00am Supplier Marketing: Re-imagine and collaborate with suppliers. Ragnar Lorentzen, Chief Commercial Officer, HICX

How can you build productive working relationships and experiences by removing the friction from supplier management?  Can you enable every supplier to do their best work for your company? Ragnar Lorentzen, Chief Commercial Officer, HICX will share his insights how supply markets are changing and how companies need to re-imagine and collaborate with suppliers.

11.10am Are you ready to Fly like an Eagle? Michael "Eddie The Eagle" Edwards, Britain's First (and Last) Olympics Ski Jumper

Most days in Procurement are focused on your wins – so why would we invite a man renowned for failing so consistently? Eddie the Eagle never quite made the grade – but find out how the UK’s first (and last) Olympic Ski Jumper dealt with the setbacks, barriers, obstacles, and hard knocks – never giving up and never giving less than 100% along the way. Get ready to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

11.35am Wrap up and Close. Tania Seary, Founder, Procurious, The Faculty, & The Source

11.45am Event End