• Biar Peter Ayuen 12/06/2016 05:53PM

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    What are the most frequent questions during procurement job interviews?

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  • Gary Bond

    15/06/2016 11:57AM

    Most interviews for Procurement, well from my experience anyway, tend to form 3 sections 4 if you count the usual about you questions, Tell me about you? What are your motivations? etc

    #1 The transactional side of you and your experience: How long have you worked in Procurement?, What was your spend/responsibility?, How were you measured and resulting measurements achieved?,

    #2 The scenario based, where you are asked to provide examples of actual events which you feel demonstrate your suitability for the role, they provide a scenario and ask how you would deal, and sometimes both.

    #3 The what if... If you get this roles what would you bring/do, what would you expect, and what do you see in your future.

    Not necessarily in that order.

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  • Bronwen Hann

    13/06/2016 06:07PM

    Here are a few (not exhaustive):

    -What's your spend that you've managed?
    -Tell me about some cost savings that you've been able to achieve.
    -What's your approach for getting buy in from internal stakeholders in your company?
    -Tell me about your approach to building relationships with suppliers.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Pauline King

    21/06/2016 04:35PM

    These are the questions I ask when recruiting:
    - what is the 5 min overview of your experience?
    - how do you approach discussions with the business: give specific examples
    - what's the most difficult stakeholder you ever had? how did you manage it?
    - do you like to negotiate? I ask this at the end and see if the person's eyes are shiny or not!

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  • Justin Plokhooy

    16/06/2016 08:45PM

    Explanation on how you influence stakeholders and examples of such

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  • LeRoy Graw

    13/06/2016 01:49AM

    Job-wise, where do you expect to be in 5 years?

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  • Hugo Britt

    13/06/2016 12:34PM


    Boma Moses great article Mr. Hugo. thanks for sharing!

    14/06/2016 06:29AM

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