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This is for Discussion regarding Selection: Random Selection in a Public Tender - Can we do it without added risk?

Do you or would you use Random Selection to identify the preferred bidder from a restrictive list? Is it a process that will stand up to scrutiny or Is it a safer way to make a selection? While it is normally based on a restrictive list, i.e. bidders who have met a minimum standard, it is clearly not lowest price. If awarding based on the Most Economically Advantageous Tender how can this be open to any kind Random Selection, even when tenders are clearly advised of the process before participating? Once passed the MEAT concern, how can you produce a process that will produce a random process? What is then of concern is how can you produce a random selection when mathematically proven, nothing is random. The closest one can get is a non computer, non algorithmic process, i.e. a physical process - like the lottery, but how and who links the suppliers to the process? How can you prove there is no collusion? Random or Pseudo Random Selection would be a very handy tool, if a safe option, as it would help reduce challenges based just on an adjudication process, so if possible, how can one practically and safely undertake such a process? Would it not be similar/safer to just to award on the lowest price, if you were willing to accept any of the restrictive suppliers, as traditionally used to achieve MEAT?
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