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TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of finished products

Hi there, My name is Fernando and I'm from Brazil and I work for Natura, a leading cosmetics company, I'm currently working with procurement. One of my projects is to start comparing the quotations between suppliers using Total Cost of Ownership methodology. In this category (cosmetics, which includes soap, shampoo, perfume, deodorant, etc), what are the aspects that I should consider in my TCO analysis? (I.e. warehouse costs, stock, losses, just to name a few, I won't go further so that I don't influence your thoughts). Furthermore, in your industries, what are the aspects that you consider when analyzing the TCO? In which cases you use TCO and in which cases is better to compare using an acquisition cost analysis (regular quotation)? Which information should I get from the supplier and how can I assure that the information that he is sending on my quotation is true? It would be great if someone could share a template (just as an example), or explain it to me how to do this kind of analysis. I hope that you guys can help me, Best, Fernando
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