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Supply Market Analysis: The Moderating Effect of Social Networking on Cost Reduction

I am currently completing my dissertation for my Doctorate in Business Administration and would like some assistance from existing and former Purchasing Managers, Sourcing Managers, Procurement Managers and Buyers. In particular, I am conducting a research study regarding how social networking can be used to amplify the affect supply market analysis has on cost reduction. If you are an existing or former Purchasing Manager, Sourcing Manager, Procurement Manager or Buyer I invite you to participate in the survey to help with this study. You can access the survey via the below link. The type of questions that will be asked are related to demographics (e.g. gender, age, occupation, industry, etc.), your experiences with supply market analysis (related to the 7 step strategic sourcing approach), social networking, and cost reduction. The survey will take 10 minutes to complete.
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