• Software for spend/opportunity analysis for consultant

    I'm looking for some software to help me to automate my spend analysis and spend tracking for clients. The software I have seen so far is aimed at very large organisations and is overall category management and ERP software. I'd like to find something that I can use for individual categories within multiple organisations. This would be on a monthly licence basis which I pay (not my customers).

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  • Susan Walsh

    17/12/2019 12:45PM

    Hi Richard,

    I might be able to help you with this, I'm The Classification Guru, www.theclassificationguru.com. I use data visualisation and modelling software and specialise in data classification, taxonomies and supplier normalisation. I can tailor the data/taxonomy/classification to the needs of the business, and can run this for you, or get you set up to do this yourself.

    I'd love to have a conversation about this, you can get me on my mobile +447740357859, or my email [email protected]

    Thanks and have a great Christmas.


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  • Helen Mackenzie

    17/12/2019 12:44PM

    Hoping one of our community members will reach out to you.

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  • Ashley Collins

    17/01/2020 08:17PM

    Hi Richard
    There are so many platforms out there today. Try Capterra as a baseline research tool to scan through the service providers in the marketplace. Oh, BTW, I am an old High Wycombe boy...I spent nearly 5 years there in the mid 90's living on the Kingsmead Road near the General Havelock.

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