• Software for spend/opportunity analysis for consultant

    I'm looking for some software to help me to automate my spend analysis and spend tracking for clients. The software I have seen so far is aimed at very large organisations and is overall category management and ERP software. I'd like to find something that I can use for individual categories within multiple organisations. This would be on a monthly licence basis which I pay (not my customers).

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  • Susan Walsh

    17/12/2019 12:45PM

    Hi Richard,

    I might be able to help you with this, I'm The Classification Guru, www.theclassificationguru.com. I use data visualisation and modelling software and specialise in data classification, taxonomies and supplier normalisation. I can tailor the data/taxonomy/classification to the needs of the business, and can run this for you, or get you set up to do this yourself.

    I'd love to have a conversation about this, you can get me on my mobile +447740357859, or my email [email protected]

    Thanks and have a great Christmas.


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  • Helen Mackenzie

    17/12/2019 12:44PM

    Hoping one of our community members will reach out to you.

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  • Ashley Collins

    17/01/2020 08:17PM

    Hi Richard
    There are so many platforms out there today. Try Capterra as a baseline research tool to scan through the service providers in the marketplace. Oh, BTW, I am an old High Wycombe boy...I spent nearly 5 years there in the mid 90's living on the Kingsmead Road near the General Havelock.

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  • Edward Murphy

    13/01/2020 09:42PM

    Break down the cost per user depending on you hr data can break further into cost per indvidual head in the company intresting total cost of employment for empolyee and the case can be put for sub contractor where the cost can be passed on to the contractor. Busy now but can try to answer in more detail for you. But have set up my own business www.corporatespec.com but connect with me on linked in https://www.linkedin.com/in/edward-murphy-1b2397a9/ will be setting up a procurment business soon stay in touch best regards Edward Murphy Director

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