• Should I do the CIPS?

    Hello all, I am 22 and I graduated with Bsc in Management with Marketing(Honours) in 2017 and I would like to enter the the field of Procurement/Supply Chain Management. Most jobs require the CIPS, so it makes me contemplate if I should invest in it. However given time and financial constraints and the fact that I have already invested 3 full years in my Bsc I feel hesitant to do so. Therefore, I would like to know if it makes sense to pursue CIPS, should I pursue the Msc in Supply Chain Management alternatively or any other appropriate alternatives?

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  • Chris Cliffe FCIPS MIoD

    22/08/2018 11:57AM

    Congratulations on your degree. If you want to become a procurement professional, MCIPS is a foundational requirement in my view. Yes you should do it. Your previous studies will help you massively in the CIPS exams both in terms of exam technique, but also you'll be able to apply a lot of the general management stuff you've previously covered in CIPS exams too. Go for it, good luck. Even better if you find a Grad job that will support you through it.

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  • Trevor Black

    18/08/2018 03:32PM

    Excellent advice from Michael. I would add that if you have the opportunity to study at a college, it is an added bonus and you are able to learn from fellow students on how their organisations undertake procurement. When answering questions in the examinations it is an advantage to reflect a wider understanding of the issue rather than the narrow experience of what happens in your own organisation. If you are able to join a local CIPS branch it certainly helps in gaining knowledge from the other members and the various presentations. Good luck in your career but avoid working in organisations where procurement is a second tier function. Reporting to the risk averse and non-commercial functions such as finance and legal would not be good for your career unless you are content to work in an environment where procurement is merely an admin function.

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