• Sabato Benedetto 05/07/2018 04:09PM

    In Optimisation

    SC/Procurement strategy for fashion retail company

    I'm drafting a SC/Procurement strategy for one of my client.
    The Company is involved in Fashion Retail business in Italy and they have wholesalers in Europe.
    Has anyone examples to share with me?

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  • Michael Fletcher

    29/07/2018 04:17AM

    Hi Sabato, apologies for the late reply. I run training programs involving Supply Chain Modelling. One of the earlier clients was a Shanghai based Fashion institute that used these modelling tools to design and build their supply chains and run them though a detailed cloud based supply chain simulation. This allowed them to test their SCM model, then optimise it to improve performance further and reduce costs. If you are interested in knowing more about this cloud based system leave me a message here.

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  • Sabato Benedetto

    17/07/2018 05:16AM


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  • Chontelle Kelly

    06/07/2018 11:19AM

    Hi Sabato. Are you requesting examples of procurement policies or overall functional strategies? Are there any particular categories you are requesting?

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