• Hina Arora 09/03/2016 11:57AM

    In Professional Services

    RFP for head hunters/ outsourced recruiters

    Want to float out an RFP for Head hunters. Need to know essential parameters that the vendors need to be evaluated upon, must-ask questions in the RFP document and key KPIs

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  • James Ferguson

    10/03/2016 09:11AM

    Hi Hina. Here are a few things to consider; What are their areas of specialism? What does their candidate on-boarding process look like? What recruitment software do they use as a value add? Do they integrate with job boards? If so, which ones? Do they use interview scheduling software? What kind of candidate preparation do they conduct? I.E how well do they know the candidates before recommending them to you. How many candidates do they have on their books? How many for the type of positions you are looking for? How do they find new candidates? Do they conduct interview preparation? Do they have the organisation scale to match your organisation? What candidate screening checks do they conduct? What are their value added services? When it comes to rates, will they work on risk/reward performance bonuses? Will they provide more competitive pricing for exclusivity?(only possible if they have the scale to pull this off).

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  • Stuart Brocklehurst

    10/03/2016 11:23AM

    Great answers from James. Is your process focused on contingent or retained recruiters? That would make a considerable difference to the questions you need to ask. Adding to James' list: what happens if a candidate leaves in the first (x) months? The longer period that a firm is prepared to refund the fee or repeat the search, the greater confidence they're displaying in their abilities. What are the cancellation fees on a search? Some firms make excellent money from clients they know are indecisive and keep starting and cancelling assignments - though if that is your business, you probably want to fix that!

    It's good to have a mix of the majors and boutiques as they bring different things to the party. Worth considering what broader services you might require: market assessment, internal talent benchmarking, etc..

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    Justin Plokhooy Great point on the cancellation fees, Stuart, I've seen this really haunt client firms

    10/03/2016 06:52PM

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