• Adelyn Seit 14/03/2019 11:07AM

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    Question: Can someone outline to me the positions there are in the procurement space?

    Is there a difference between 'Head of group Purchasing','Chief Procurement Officer', 'Head of Procurement', 'Purchasing/procurement manager' roles? What are the differences in their Job scopes?

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  • Phil Johnson

    14/03/2019 11:54AM

    I can answer from a Sourcing perspective…
    Typically you would have a Category Manager who is responsible for the company’s expenditure of a single category (such as Facilities, IT/Technology, Marketing, etc.). For large global companies these may be regional roles (i.e. Americas, APAC, EMEA) or they may be global.
    Depending on the size, volume and complexity of the supplier relationships in each category, the Category Manager will typically have a team of Procurement specialists, analysts, etc. to support the deliver of the team. It is the role of the Category Team to work with the leaders (spenders) of that category within the business to a) understand the priorities and direction of the category, b) identify opportunities to benefit the company, c) build a pipeline of sourcing activity to ensure the business is getting the best solutions from the market, and d) execute that plan.
    Depending on the size of the company and teams you may have Managers, Senior Managers, etc. The categories or regions would then report up to a Head of Procurement, who may be a Director, a VP, or even a CPO, depending on the perceived importance of Procurement within the org. Regardless of the role title the role of a procurement leader should be the same, to a) ensure their team is delivering what it needs to for the business, b) setting the strategy for Procurement in regards to its priorities, evolution of the procurement function/technology/processes, c) working at more senior levels to promote the department and ensure it gets support, recognition and compliance from the business. Typically Procurement sits somewhere in the Finance org. Sometimes they report into Finance leadership, sometimes at the C-suite level, the higher the better!

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    Adelyn Seit Thanks for the insight!

    15/03/2019 05:05AM


    15/03/2019 09:35AM

    Different companies have different setup and requirement, I would suggest to check job description if available.

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