• aina farini 07/03/2018 03:09PM

    In Inventory Management

    Q3. What factors should be considered while choosing suppliers?

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  • Charu Sharma

    09/03/2018 06:05AM

    Agree with ATANU DEY, in addition to this it is very important to do little research about your supplier that is his working experience to prevent fraud like situation. Also at the time of any negotiation it very important to clear the price and quality that you are expecting.

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    Atanu Dey Completely agree with you!

    12/03/2018 09:49AM

  • Atanu Dey

    07/03/2018 04:47PM

    You may take various factors into consideration while choosing a supplier. Capacity / Capability / Quality / Location / Price / Sustainability / Commitments / Integrity. It depends on the capacity of the buyer to identify these factors as well.

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    aina farini thanks

    07/03/2018 04:48PM

  • Chris Cliffe FCIPS MIoD

    24/03/2018 04:22PM

    What type of customer your organisation is. What type of relationship do you need. Is the attractiveness of your business going to attract that relationship. If not, how will you manage that.

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  • James Ball

    13/03/2018 06:42PM

    Along with what has already been stated, this will depend on the company mandatory requirements and then split by category i.e. the factors used to determine a utilities supplier will be different to a learning supplier. Use the Kraljic supplier relationship matrix model to build your market understanding and key determining factors per category

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  • Mark Ani

    13/03/2018 03:11PM

    Integrity first counts, you detect this from the affirmations projected from their correspondences with you. Secondly, track records which is verifiable from the supplier's relationship with other clients.

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