• David Guo 23/07/2020 10:46PM

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    Procurement Early Involvement for IT Purchases

    I’m trying to learn if it’s a problem to get internal stakeholders to involve procurement early in the IT purchasing process (ideally in the requirements definition phase). Can you help answer the 3 questions below? Thanks for your help.

    You can reply using this format: 1,1,Software X

    A) Do you find it frustrating to get internal stakeholders to involve procurement early for IT purchases?
    1 – Completely satisfied
    2 – Mostly satisfied
    3 – Somewhat satisfied
    4 – Neither satisfied nor frustrated
    5 – Somewhat frustrated
    6 – Mostly frustrated
    7 – Completely Frustrated

    B) How impactful would consistent early involvement for IT purchases be for procurement?
    1- Not at all impactful
    2- Slightly impactful
    3- Moderately impactful
    4 - Very impactful
    5 - Extremely impactful

    C) Do you invest in any tools to improve procurement early involvement for IT purchases? If yes, which tools do you use?

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  • Wim Weima

    24/07/2020 04:48AM

    A)1, B)5, C) agreed with IT on a sourcing (process) framework

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  • Jarrod Hastings

    23/07/2020 10:55PM

    Great question David. Helen Mackenzie is there anyone in your network that might be able to answer this?

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