• Abdullah Al Masud 14/09/2017 10:54AM

    In Optimisation

    Need contacts of Advising/Consulting Organization for Implementing Supply Chain Management in an Organization.

    My Organization is planning to implement full scope Supply Chain Management. Can any one please suggest me a recognized advising / consulting Organization who can successfully implement SCM and have past proven track record.

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  • Manu Khurana

    21/09/2017 06:08AM

    - Deloitte + other Big 4
    - Hackett Group

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  • Gavin Epstein

    15/10/2017 08:24PM

    Also try McKinsey & Company, they have a very good supply chain side to their business.

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  • Ron Honeyman

    14/10/2017 01:14PM

    Hi Abdullah. Thanks for your invitation to connect. Please confirm the size or your organisation, your spend pa, commodities sourced, maturity of organisation, number of DC’s, number of Procurement / Logistics staff. I have many more questions and would be pleased to assist your business with this SC initiative. Please send a email to my personal inbox [email protected] Thank you

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  • Melanie Butler

    13/10/2017 04:06PM

    What is the size of your company?

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    Abdullah Al Masud We have total 21 Manufacturing Unit a total of 40000 employees

    14/10/2017 12:08PM

  • Abdullah Al Masud

    21/09/2017 10:35AM

    Thanks Manu Khurana

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