• Need a little guidance here.
    As a new Purchasing Officer in manufacturing without existing policies & procedures in place, what are the key things I need to look out for and learn in order to set up a robust framework.

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  • Jenelia Dcruz

    23/11/2020 10:36AM

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  • Dupre Jones CPSM

    20/11/2020 05:52PM

    Congratulations on the new role! I'd suggest a few things: a. understand the current state of your business as best as you can - supplier base, products and service offerings, geographic reach, IT, spend, finance, processes, legal, compliance; b. understand the leadership, their goals/priorities, perception of purchasing /procurement as a function, openness to new ideas; c. confirm what the company needs of you- i.e. keep status quo, are you empowered to make changes; d. qualify and quantify risk exposures are the lack of policies and procedures causing - operational / supply chain, loss in profits, lawsuits e. define the value these policies and procedures could deliver.

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