• Modify Re-Buy & Purchasing Cycle

    Good day procurious community, I'm currently studying the Diploma level in CIPS. Need some assistance understanding Modify Re-Buy and which aspects of the purchasing cycle would be including for this category of buying.
    Kindly assist me understanding this.

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  • Euan Granger

    06/02/2019 02:48PM

    This isn't something I've dealt with under this terminology, but it seems a fairly straightforward definition. A straight re-buy would be returning to the same supplier, for the same product, under the same terms and prices.

    A modified re-buy would be changing one or more of those elements. For me, in terms of real-world procurement, a modified re-buy would mostly be done with an updated specification to account for new technology, updated products, or innovations that have changed the market place. This may then result in a new supplier, new terms of contract and/or new prices.

    Within the Council, this situation probably wouldn't arise as if there was a need to change the supplier, specification or terms, it would most likely result in a new contract, particularly if there was significant value, risk or criticality attached to the goods or services. For me, it would most likely be used on lower value, off-the-shelf items where procurement has a competitive market to go into, giving them the power to leverage this if they were unhappy with any of these elements.

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  • Makesa Mc Queen

    08/02/2019 01:55AM

    Thanks for your assistance, much appreciated.

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