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Modern Slavery Australia Federal Legislation - Preparing your Statement

Hi All - I'm keen to create a discussion in regards to how your organisations are working to prepare for the Modern Slavery statements and what steps you are taking to ensure you are prepared to meet the requirements of the federal legislation. Here at my organisation we have made some significant steps on our Strategy for the Modern Slavery legislative requirements. Here is a brief overview of what we have achieved to date: 1. Created a strategy with clear timelines of actions to be achieved and by when; 2. Reviewed and understood the details of the legislation 3. assessed our category and supplier base from a Modern slavery risk perspective and identified the high risk categories and respective suppliers 4. refined our RFx assessment processes to assess Modern Slavery supply chain risk Our next steps are: 1. Implement ongoing monitoring and reporting on our high risk categories/suppliers in regards to Modern Slavery supply chain risk 2. Draft our Modern Slavery statement Keen to hear thought on how other people are going on their journey in the space. Cheers
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