• Jay Birdi MCIPS 03/03/2016 12:33PM

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    Hello Everyone

    I have recently been given Market Research as part of my portfolio, I would be interested in thoughts from everyone regarding how you measure market research, what KPI's do you have?
    How are you adding value from a procurement prospective?

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  • Justin Plokhooy

    03/03/2016 02:22PM

    The following are some KPIs to think about:
    • Define objectives for market research – do you want to review (or have the capacity to review) monthly, quarterly, 6 months, yearly.
    • Identify specific important areas you want to measure
    • Identify tasks/outputs
    • Determine work procedure for each “important area” or task.
    • Identify methods to measure the results
    The following are some things to avoid when creating KPIs:
    • Do not create too many KPIs
    • KPI should change based on your changing needs

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    Jay Birdi MCIPS Hi Justin thanks for the comments do you have any specific Market research examples you can share where procurement have added value to Market research.

    04/03/2016 09:13AM

  • Ibrahim Ahmed

    05/01/2017 08:04PM

    Market research is a comprehensive task and requires identification of your objectives first then the method of research second and the sample size third, then if you know all this you will design your questionnaire and send it to your target, collect answers then perform the statistics and have the results and recommendations

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