• Colin Ong 03/12/2019 09:47PM

    In Category Management

    Market analysis prior to a tender

    Without access to a list of suppliers (eg Ariba Supplier Network), how do you normally find a populate a list of potential vendors before tender issuance? Google? Word of mouth? stakeholder nominations?

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  • Georgia Brandi

    06/12/2019 02:36AM

    Yes, Google is magical. All of the above. Add industry capability networks (like ICN) and reports (like Ibis Reports), other customer websites to see who they've engaged in, simply asking a vendor who they see are their competitors. Depending on the category you can get creative e.g., look at IP registration for patents related to the field you're reviewing, or jobs adds to find a connection between the scope you're seeking and which companies are hiring in that field.

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  • Cody Thieling

    06/12/2019 02:15AM

    Usually a mix of stakeholder nominations, referrals, and Google.

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  • Vijay Kumar Pakka

    21/01/2020 04:39AM

    First preference is Stakeholder recommendation(s), then Google search, internal supplier list - preferred, referrals. All these options are good to send out the RFx

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  • Tatyana Dyakova

    19/12/2019 02:05PM

    this depend on the nature on purchase and strategic level. if this is high -value asset and strategic partnership need to go deep in details and use trusted sources of information , primary data (online markets, trade fairs, etc.). You may also send official request to the distributor or manufacturer and ask the list of official partners for your region, or check web-site, there sometimes listed all authorized partners. Good and word of mouth are also good options for some kind of goods or services.

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  • Helen Mackenzie

    17/12/2019 07:20PM

    Yes I agree with Cody a mix of all three. The industry reports that Georgia refers to are also useful if you have the budget to purchase them.

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  • Walmir Cavalheiro

    09/12/2019 07:14PM

    The way I like to do is to preppare an appproved suppliers list, considering a market approach, visits and technical evaluation. This usually takes a long time and we need to do it a long time before the tender. Working closelly with the business areas to anticipate the medium term needs is mandatory.

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  • Edward Murphy

    13/01/2020 09:48PM

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