• Jeremy Bailey 15/11/2016 11:17AM

    In Certification

    Looking to become MCIPS and need some advice

    I'm attempting to get my company to sponsor my journey to become a full Member of CIPS (MCIPS). I can easily identify and explain the benefits to me, but am struggling to articulate how it might benefit my company. Any Suggestions?

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  • Euan Granger

    30/11/2016 01:07PM

    Hi Jeremy.

    There's plenty of great advice out there for this question, and it's a very common one amongst the profession. You can find plenty out on the CIPS website itself (https://www.cips.org/en-gb/membership/why-join-cips/), particularly why it's important for procurement professionals to be accredited, now and in the future.

    From your point of view, you get the learning and development to push your career on. Similar from your company's point of view - the more you learn, the more you know about best practice procurement, and the more you speak to fellow professionals, the more you have to bring back to the organisation to improve their procurement processes. In addition, you'll have the knowledge to explain procurement to non-procurement professionals, and get the tools and techniques to deliver value for your organisation.

    Alternatively, you could always use the explanation that they would never use an accountant, engineer, or surveyor (etc., etc.) without professional accreditation and chartership, so why should procurement be any different?!

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  • Oscar Garcia

    30/11/2016 02:55PM

    Hi Jeremy,
    I suggest you to get in touch with Naomi Kinyanjui: https://naomikinyanjui.wordpress.com
    She has a lot of information regarding CIPS, it may be helpful for you.

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    Jeremy Bailey Thanks Oscar, appreciate your assistance

    30/11/2016 03:35PM

  • Jeremy Bailey

    30/11/2016 01:35PM

    Thanks Euan, for your assistance, which is much appreciated.

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