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Looking for Auction or Remarketing of used Equipment as new begins to roll in?

If you want a reliable and efficient way to sell your equipment online, consider using bidadoo powered by ebay. Bidadoo is the largest and most trusted online auction service for used construction equipment, rental fleets, trucks, and capital assets. Here are some of the benefits of using bidadoo powered by eBay: - You can reach millions of buyers worldwide through eBay, the world's largest online marketplace. - You can sell your equipment faster and easier with Bidadoo's professional inspection, appraisal, and listing services. - You can get competitive bids and fair market value for your equipment with Bidadoo's transparent and dynamic auction format. - You can reduce your selling costs and hassles with Bidadoo's full-service solution, including transportation, title transfer, and payment processing. - You can enjoy peace of mind with Bidadoo's buyer protection program, which covers your equipment up to $100,000 in case of fraud or misrepresentation. Whether you are a contractor, dealer, rental company, or fleet owner, bidadoo powered by eBay can help you sell your equipment online with confidence and convenience. To learn more about bidadoo powered by eBay, visit or call 925.9974313.
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