• Carolynn Eccles JP (Qual) 28/10/2019 04:01AM

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    IT Hardware Purchasing

    I work for a Not for Profit, our Technology team are sweating their IT hardware and aren't in a position to forecast our future business requirements. Projects can be very reactive, with short lead times, because we might have received government funding. So I am looking for ways to negotiate best value, in the absence of any kind of forecast on future business needs?

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  • Robin Gurney

    22/11/2019 08:17AM

    A bit biased because it's our company, but at www.markit.eu (we have an Australian operation) you can see prices and delivery times in real time compared from all leading distributors (275 globally, we are in 33 countries). So you can do real time tenders. Our catalogue contains 2.8 million unique IT products but that's globally, in each country we aim for 80% of the market availability, some we have more, some less. PM me if you would like an intro to the person handling Australia for more info. Best, Robin

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  • Karen James

    13/11/2019 04:25PM

    I run into similar issues, but use cooperative purchasing agreements and state contracts whenever I can. Most of the legwork is done upfront. Most importantly, vendor compliance is managed, which is more than half the lift.

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  • Helen Mackenzie

    28/10/2019 03:50PM

    Wondering if there are any collaborative purchasing bodies you can use in Australia. In Scotland Not for Profit organisations can access some of the goverment contracts for things like IT Hardware. Am tagging Keith Bird in case he can help

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