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    We at http://www.commugen.com have built a PUBLIC procurement suite, with the following attributes:
    - Existing templates for: Workplan management | Budget Management | Procurement Committee Management | Tender Management | Project Management |Contract Management https://www.commugen.com/en/solutions/?solution=0#menu-finance
    - Based on a No Code platform, implementation is a breeze. No need for programming knowledge to deploy.
    - New solutions can be built by non-programmers in no-time ( 1-3 weeks training enables business users to build solutions in DAYS, instead of Months)
    - The technology is domain agnostic. Once we have one solution installed, they keep coming for more (more than 80 solutions built in 5 years at more that 50 enterprise accounts)

    We are looking for integrators who would win tenders and RFPs as we did (Have the system built already ;-) )

    Please contact me for further details.

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  • Helen Mackenzie

    18/02/2020 11:14AM

    Hi Yoel - Is this like a platform that developers can use to create applications/solutions?

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    Yoel Frischoff Hi Helen; Yes, it is a platform in which you can build any conceivable business logic (from risk management through SOX compliance to Cyber risk management). On top of that we have a set of boiler-plate templates, building a complete procurement management solution. So VARs (integrators, consulting companies) can start very fast, with prebuilt infrastructure features and services (eg account management, permissions, dashboard creation, etc) - and focus on the particulars of their target customers.

    18/02/2020 11:22AM

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