• Vee Mumbire 03/05/2019 09:30AM

    In Enterprise Technology

    Impact of IT on Procurement

    Technology is changing fast, the emergence of AI in procurement is disrupting the industry this is impacting the way Buyers work with IT suppliers. While there are so many great opportunities stemming out of these technological advances, the rapid changes also pose a risk in the supply chain particularly in terms of IP, commercial arrangements and data security. Discussion point! What are the key items buyers should look out for when reviewing License Agreements and how have you managed contractual clauses to keep pace with IT changes?

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  • Christine Babajide

    06/06/2019 11:01AM

    Vee this is something of interest to me also. in terms of contractual protections, such as indemnities (not capped) that will cover: breaches of confidentiality, personal data, anti-bribery and corruption and infringement of third party intellectual property and professional indemnity insurance are some of the things areas.

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  • Christeen Jonathan Paul

    27/05/2019 01:15PM

    That's an interesting question VEE !

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  • Michelle Stephanie Linero, MBA.

    17/05/2019 04:15PM

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