• Mano Athulathmudali 05/07/2016 08:52PM

    In Optimisation

    Im reviewing supply chain management solutions (supplier management, review, RFX, contract and Spend) for the company im working for,

    is there any study or rating conducted by a professional body or a SCM related organization for any existing providers in the market? if so could it be possible for me to have your ratings and companies that you rated?

    also could you please recommendation a full cycle SCM solution that we could explore?

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  • Josh Goodman

    18/07/2016 10:55AM

    Hi Mano,

    We're one of the leading strategic procurement software providers, as recognised by Gartner. We've an international base of public and private sector clients (http://bravosolution.us/case-studies/) who use our Supplier Value Management and Contract Lifecycle Management tools to great success (http://bravosolution.us/bravoadvantage/).

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  • Michael Fletcher

    18/07/2016 10:47AM

    I work in training areas of supply chain optimisation and supply chain modelling using real time simulations to improve and eventually optimise your supply chain for the best cost savings. If you are interested you can contact me at: [email protected]

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  • vanitha iyer

    11/07/2016 10:22AM

    Well. let me know if we can help you. We provide whole SRM / SCM suite. www.pool4tool.com . You can reach us at + 971 43883335 or more contacts available on our website! drop a mail to [email protected] and i can send you more info!

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    Mano Athulathmudali Thanks, let me have a look at your website with my colleagues and reach out to you if needed

    11/07/2016 02:02PM

    vanitha iyer Sure, anytime. you have my mail id!

    11/07/2016 02:10PM

  • Gary Bond

    08/07/2016 03:38PM

    Mano, what systems does your company use at the moment, although there are a million and one companies which will offer you bespoke solution, generally which only cover one or two of the points you are looking at, and charge you for the experience, most of the time if you have even the most basic finance systems in place you can easily do it already.

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    Mano Athulathmudali Thanks, we are curently using a full cycle strategic SCM solution. we do not want to lik with fiance, as we have a separate relocation industry specific tool managing the files and work orders. what we are looking for is for a system that can manage RFPs efficiently, store contracts, Manage supplier details and performance (pre qualifications issue tracking etc) and also a robust spend management that can use external data transferred and normalized from a different system to generate customer ready reports,

    11/07/2016 02:07PM

  • Olivia Davies

    06/07/2016 11:32AM

    We are providers of Contract & Supplier Management Systems to private and public sector organisations globally: https://www.targetis.co.uk/products/accord-contract-management-systems/
    We also have testimonials on our website from our clients: https://www.targetis.co.uk/case-studies/

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    Mano Athulathmudali Thanks, let me have a look at your with my colleagues and reach out to you if needs a presentation.

    11/07/2016 02:02PM

  • Mano Athulathmudali

    08/07/2016 03:30PM

    Thanks, we are looking for the whole suite

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    Majdi Sleimen Mano, did you get a chance to look at Tradogram Procurement Solution? Check it out here: www.tradogram.com

    25/07/2016 06:43PM

    Mano Athulathmudali Thanks, let me have a look at your website with my colleagues and reach out to you if we need a presentation.

    28/07/2016 02:41PM

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