• Sachin Sharma 23/10/2018 08:18PM

    In Procure to Pay

    If your company has invested in a procure to pay / e Procurement system, Do you remember the trigger points which put you on the path of building a business case for procure to pay?

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  • Katalin Brennan

    23/10/2018 09:23PM

    Great question Sachin! Though I am on the provider side of P2P, it is often that we remind clients about the initial reasons for implementing our solution. As companies deploy a new system, it is very easy to get lost in the features and move away from optimizing for the original problems. I also saw a lot of scope expansion which further complicate things. At the end, it is just good practice to keep records of reasons and reflect on them as things progress.

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    Sachin Sharma Katalin , thanks for your response. Anyone else from the community?

    25/10/2018 08:12PM

    Kurt Nelson Sachin, I agree with Katalin about getting lost in features and the reason looking for a solution in the first place. That's why we created Requis, so you can use your same process, but we did all the leg work on our end. List gear and we reach out to buyers for you. Trigger and Pain points it eases: Back and forth emails, negotiating, etc. It's more of a "set it and forget it" technique. Hope that helps.

    30/10/2018 03:39PM

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