• Lauren Feery 05/11/2019 10:49PM

    In Procure to Pay

    I would love to hear from procurement leaders that have successfully implemented 2 Way Match

    Ok.. This is a little dry as a topic.. But I would love to hear from people that have implemented 2 Way Match

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  • Keith Bird

    12/11/2019 02:47AM

    Hi Lauren, Most organisations work on a 3 way match. However, I have seen a 2 way match system work ie. Po to invoice for transactional based activities with strong rules applied to variations of price and quantity. The rules are around applying say a 1% variation on price will still allow payment to proceed without being held up. Some organisations then look at these variations on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure compliance and or correction to occur.

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  • Benson Banda

    12/11/2019 01:46PM

    Hi Lauren like what Keith has alluded to, to implement the two way match you need a lot of controls around that; this can mainly apply to Regulatory and Utility firms when making payment for them you might not need a PO in place. In any case these cases should not be many (electricity bills, tax, government fines, water bills etc).

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  • Helen Mackenzie

    11/11/2019 09:17AM

    Hi Lauren
    Are you interested in "no PO no pay" or something different from that?

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