• David Frank 12/02/2016 02:38PM

    In Optimisation

    How regularly do you do a supplyer audit for your A-supplyers?

    HI all

    I am wondering how regularly you do a supplyer audit? Do you go and visit your A-supplyers once a year or more often or even less?

    Have a nice weekend!

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  • Answers (3)

  • Justin Plokhooy

    13/02/2016 12:40AM

    For you most important suppliers there should be constant performance management. Setting up a recurring once a year visit simply isn't enough.

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  • Antoinette Brandi

    19/02/2016 07:14PM

    Reviews should occur quarterly and it is important to obtain feedback against KPIs from internal stakeholders. I like to include at least one major internal stakeholder in those meetings. In terms of audit. This is not always included in the contract. It depends on scope of work or services. Where applicable I would try to do one audit per contract life cycle.

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  • Awashesh Tiwari

    17/02/2016 11:20AM

    We Should analyze the vendor Rating on the basis of their performance parameters i.e. Lead time, quality, price etc on each quarter basis, this will help a lot to make you best vendor base for the organization.

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