• Brett Power 23/04/2018 01:36PM

    In Facilities Management

    How often do you use a GPO for your procurement needs?

    Especially when it comes to indirect spend, how helpful have you found GPO's?

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  • Frank Colletti

    11/06/2018 12:32PM

    I like GPO's depending on the category - they can bring a lot of muscle to a category where you may not have enough spend to leverage.

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    Brett Power Thanks Frank! Good to hear. I'm trying to familiarize myself with this platform. I represent a GPO with over $100Billion in managed spend. Do you think there is a place for me on this platform?

    11/06/2018 03:14PM

    Frank Colletti do you operate in the US?

    14/06/2018 12:45PM

  • Lee Parry

    27/04/2018 12:20PM

    Brett, within the UK Public Sector we make a lot of use of GPOs. They are all run by government agencies so that we can ensure transparency and best value in the use of the contracts. As we have the opportunity to sit on user groups for the contracts we can ensure that their scope is appropriate to our needs.
    Collaboration is a key theme within UK public procurement, it certainly helps to group our combined buying power to achieve the best outcomes.

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    Brett Power Thanks Lee, that's an interesting difference that the UK runs all the GPO's...

    27/04/2018 07:44PM

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