• devashish bajaj 22/04/2018 05:36PM

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    How do you think the recent trend of Nearshoring impact the various categories?

    I understand that IT and Contact Center categories are getting impacted as a lot of the services are being moved to nearsourcing countries (Latin America, Eastern Europe). However, do you see it impacting any other category? I read somewhere about it impacting Logistics and staffing industry.. any thoughts?

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  • Georgia Brandi

    14/05/2018 03:49PM

    Hi Deveshish - I haven't considered this explicitly so wonder if you can share any thoughts from discussions since posting this question. Have you since come across any highly technical or non-service based category examples?

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    devashish bajaj Hello Georgia. I did a bit of research on the internet on this topic.My major observation was that nearshoring is impacting industries in two ways. First is a direct impact which I have covered in my question. The second is more of an indirect impact that I realized through my study. Since a lot of companies are nearshoring Production, IT and Contact Centers a lot of support service categories are also getting indirectly impacted. From my observation categories such as Logistics, staffing are getting impacted by nearshoring of production facilities. Maturity of supply side is growing in developing markets (primarily in Latin america and Eastern Europe).

    25/05/2018 07:35AM

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