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How did you get your start in procurement?

Most Procurement Pros tell us they 'fell' into the profession, rather than making a deliberate career choice. Certainly in my case, I joined the 'Strategic Partnership and Procurement' team more as an escape from being a Lawyer, than as a long held dream to get into Procurement! In fact, I don't even recall Procurement or Supply Chain being suggested to me as a career choice back in my Uni or High School days. Since then, I have (naturally!) realised what fascinating issues Procurement Pros deal with on a daily basis and would recommend it as a career path to anyone with an interest in deepening not only their commercial understanding (and view up/down the supply chain) of how businesses operate. The fact Procurement Pros develop such transferable skills and are paid comparably well to other professions....makes procurement a no brainer! I'd be interested to find out how you got into Procurement? What did you know about the profession before you started? And why would you recommend it to grads?
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