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How can supply chain visibility have a huge dent in the balance sheet?

The scope and context of the supply chain have changed over the years. On one end, there are disruptions such as artificial intelligence and bots with so much emphasis on predictive analytics. On the other hand, to most of the conventional problems of the industry, they still take a very reactive approach which is more often too little. In this environment of changing dynamics between the supply chain, manufacturing and retail leg of businesses, the paradox of a reactive approach to handling real-time challenges and taking a proactive approach with predictive visibility can have a huge dent in the balance sheet. There are three primary goals in supply chain efficiency where visibility could play a key role. The goals of an efficient supply chain are: Risk Mitigation Lead Time Improvement Addressing Process Quality Issues Supply chain visibility is one area that can maximize efficiency to boost ROI and profitability. Here read why is supply chain visibility is of utmost importance
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