• Haley Fraser 19/07/2016 10:41PM

    In Procure to Pay

    How can procurement help achieve CSR goals?

    Based off of this article: http://www.sdcexec.com/article/12225889/circular-procurement-driving-value-through-values

    Does your organization participate in circular procurement?

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  • Euan Granger

    27/07/2016 09:58AM

    Sustainability is becoming a must do for procurement - though we should be calling it procurement (and doing it as part of everyday procurement), rather than labelling it as Sustainable Procurement and have people ignore it as a box-ticking exercise.

    As Breelyn has pointed out, one of the key areas is in ensuring that suppliers are working ethically, there's no forced labour, or child labour, etc. in the supply chain, that materials are properly sourced, and that these practices aren't just for Tier 1 suppliers, but all the way down the chain.

    The other things procurement can be looking at are Total Cost of Ownership. It might be a bit unfashionable, but ensuring that the through-life cost of a product is taken into account, including depreciation, waste, and disposal, can first ensure that the right purchasing decision is made, but also that the overall environmental impact is taken into consideration. You can also consider community involvement, and charitable work, though that is more of a full organisation activity.

    There are a few articles on Procurious about CSR and Sustainability - check them out and it should help answer your question!

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    Breelyn Lancaster Well said! :)

    27/07/2016 02:58PM

  • Brish Bhan Vaidya

    01/08/2016 03:51PM

    The simplest one in today's world where everyone follows social media, procurement experts can become mentors and coach professionals. This is also a CSR for profession.

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  • Breelyn Lancaster

    26/07/2016 06:26PM

    Great question! This blog article addresses a few issues around corporate social responsibility. https://tradogram.com/blog/the-top-6-warning-signs-of-unethical-suppliers#title.

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