• How are you proactively engaging with awarded suppliers to deliver more value to your organization?

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  • Sagar Mital

    28/05/2019 04:25AM

    Hi Mary,

    Once the supplier is awarded business we are arranging an all stakeholder meeting including folks from Procurement, business division/s and supplier and review the milestones agreed in the SOW with supplier. Further quarterly Business review meetings are conducted to review the progress of the activities planned. In addition, Procurement team arranges regular meeting with supplier so that if they have any new product/service to offer we can engage them with business divisions. This way we ensure we are looking at building a long term relationship with the supplier so if there is any unforeseen demand escalations supplier will support us.

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    Mary Licayan Hello Sagar, thank you for the detailed and informative answer.

    28/05/2019 04:57AM

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