• Olga Baryshnikova 04/06/2018 06:46PM

    In Certification

    Hi everyone! How long did it take to graduate each CIPS qualification? How much time did you spend to have your Certificate, Diploma etc?

    I have 2-3 years to reach Professional Diploma. Now I don't have even Certificate. Am I CRAZY?)

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  • Euan Granger

    04/07/2018 03:11PM

    Hi Olga

    As Chontelle has said, it's going to be dependent on a few things, not least your own motivation, determination and learning. I always tend to think that the recommended hours of study are on the generous side, but can be useful if it's a topic you're not completely comfortable with, or don't know much about. That said, I know a number of people who have gone through Levels 3 and 4 inside a year and then done Levels 5 and 6 in around 9 months each.

    I only did the exams for Level 3 as I had experience in the industry by then so I didn't need to attend classes, etc. for them. Level 5 and 6, the classes will be more important, but if you swing towards more independent learning, you could study for multiple exams at once.

    I took a different route after Level 3 and did an MSc over 2 years (part time) alongside my work and that took me to MCIPS level. It's just another route you can consider.

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  • Chontelle Kelly

    12/06/2018 07:01AM

    Hi Olga.
    It will depend on your prior knowledge, experience and learning style but CIPS recommends to spend at least 70 hours of self-study on each unit outside of any formal guided learning time (recommended 50 hours per unit).
    Euan Granger Are you able to share your experience with CIPS qualifications for Olga?

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