• Charu Sharma 21/02/2018 05:38AM

    In Optimisation

    Have you implemented block chain strategy in your supply chain business?

    I am curious to know about the concept of supply chain strategy and what are the things needs to be considered while implementing the same. Please share your experience if anyone of you have with this technology.

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  • Trevor Stansbury

    05/03/2018 03:44PM

    Charu Sharama, depending on what industry you are talking about, you are going to get wildly divergent answers. You are likely to find plenty of results for blockchain 'pilots' conducted in Fintech but far fewer, if any, mature examples in the manufacturing supply chain. Financial transactions are digital and fairly standardized, while manufactured goods are physical with little consistency of nomenclature or data structure. This, coupled with the complexity of manufactured goods and number of tiers in a value chain, creates challenges for blockchain implementation. Here's a paper I recent wrote on the subject: http://info.supplydynamics.com/blockchain-for-the-manufacturing-supply-chain. I hope it helps.

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    Julia Davies Hi Trevor - I'm getting an Error 404 - Page not found message when I follow the link

    06/03/2018 11:38AM

    Trevor Stansbury Julia, the problem seems to be the period at the end of the sentence. Try this link (no period at the end): http://info.supplydynamics.com/blockchain-for-the-manufacturing-supply-chain

    08/03/2018 02:17PM

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