• Rebecca Fung 26/03/2020 10:39AM

    In Negotiation

    Has anyone been involved in setting up a global deal with BA or Singapore Airlines recently

    Hi, I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has recently put such a deal in place, thanks in advance, Rebecca

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  • Ashley Collins

    01/04/2020 04:42PM

    Hi Rebecca...there are many attributes that should be considered when attempting to put such a commercial relationship in place. Notwithstanding the current global business travel industry that is estimated to lose ~USD46bn / month globally throughout the COVID-19 crisis, airlines are reluctant to consider a corporate travel agreement / relationship unless you meet certain revenue / yield thresholds as a minimum.
    The first criteria they will request is your annual domestic / international airline spend coupled with the primary sectors flown by your organization. Unless you meet a certain spend, airlines such as BA / SQ are unlikely to consider your organization for a corporate travel relationship.
    Happy to take this offline as there is far too much to discuss...please feel free to reach out via email / Zoom etc to discuss further.

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