• Blair Jellard 01/10/2020 12:50AM

    In Category Management

    Does anyone have expertise willing to present for 15min to Sanofi region colleagues on Digital Procurement; not so much tools but on how digitalizing Procurement helps in problem solving & predictive category strategy? Happy to hear from you.

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  • Lee Parry

    05/10/2020 05:30PM

    I think you should look less at digitising procurement, which compartmentalises procurement rather than having it as a strategic support function. One of the challenges I have faced on that front is the view that procurement is part of a process rather than a trusted advisor throughout project/product lifecycles.

    Equally digitising procurement could result in an overt view based upon basic data sets, such as spend or logistics. I believe that digitisation is something which must have an organisational approach, this helps to create multiple lenses to turn big data into useful data.

    You need to avoid boiling the ocean too. I have found that digitisation gains a better foothold if it is incremental, so on a project by project basis to embed it at the core of what you do. Otherwise it will be too fragmented and you will not get the best outcomes.

    To add fuel to the fire, digitisation means different things to different people. If I look at my traditional procurement colleagues they think digitisation is the ability to put requirements out electronically or getting SLA and KPI reports electronically. That is less about digitisation and more about generating efficiencies.

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  • Anders Lillevik

    15/10/2020 02:55PM

    Blair - I might be too late for what you need, but I would be happy to help with this. My company is developing a solution to digitize the category strategy creation and planning processes right now. I would be happy to share the vision and plan, perhaps I can get some feedback in return?

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