• louise parrish 09/01/2019 09:32AM

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    Does anyone have experience with disabled facilities grants and contractors lists/ using frameworks for contractors?

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  • Stefanie Seff

    21/01/2019 01:20PM

    Hi Louise, we have a contract for disabled adaptations to Council Housing properties, that is also available for residents with DFGs to use directly if they wish - although they are able to go out and get three quotes of their own for works. There are 2 lots, mechanical lifting equipment (stairlifts, hoists, through floor lifts etc) and one for building adaptations (eg. wet rooms, ramps etc). The first lot has worked better than the second but this has been about the companies, rather than the organisation of the framework. So you could do something similar, but depending on what you need may lead you in a certain direction.

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    Zoe Fance This sounds like a similar approach to what South Ayrshire Council have but similarly our bathroom adaptations hasn’t been great but this was down to supplier performance.

    24/01/2019 02:23PM

  • Michael Angel

    09/01/2019 01:55PM

    Hi Louise. Are you talking about adaptation work for residential properties or commercial properties? If it is residential properties and it's been a while since I dabbled in it during my local government days, I can't recall the exact section of government legislation in relation to the grant, but I do recall that the resident/s had an input to the contractor they spend the money with. The approach at the time we were going to take was establishing a mini-framework agreement for small contractors to do the works for this. I would probably advise speaking with any Local Authority or even NHS body eg NHS LPP about their DPS's to see if any other District or Borough Councils have approached them to use their DPS to set up contracts. It's easier for Contractors to register and also allows you to develop your market based on region, spend and requirement. Sorry I can't help further, but it was a while back and I never got the chance to see that work through.

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