• Dan Thorpe 30/11/2015 11:22AM

    In Marketing

    Does anybody have any experience of Marketing Procurement? I'm looking at putting a contract in place for a Creative Agency. What sort of KPIs would be most effective at stimulating performance without stifling creativity?

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  • Gabriela Arita

    30/12/2015 02:36PM

    It really depends on what services/products the agency is offering you. In my experience and without knowledge of what you are looking for, I would probably include some of this:
    -Social Media Reach, Interaction and Engagement
    -Number of leads
    -Web Traffic
    -Key Word Performance (AdWords)
    -Email marketing engagement
    -Mobile Traffic
    -Cost and Revenue per lead by source
    You can also subdivide those KPIs.
    Hope it helps!

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  • Tania Seary

    30/11/2015 01:24PM

    Darren Woolley is the guru in this area..........

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  • Mike Robertson

    06/01/2016 10:51AM

    Dan to encourage creativity, ensure you focus on the positive aspect of KPIs. A KPI can be used as a "Stick to enforce output" or a "Carrot to drive creativity", how you structure your contract will dictate the engagement model of your supplier.

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  • Paul Lauro

    30/12/2015 09:57PM

    "Impressions", "Engagements", and most of all "Leads" and the intended relationship between them to drive the desired marketing strategy are good performance based KPIs. You can measure the other stuff, but recommend keep it simple and above all "Performance Based" otherwise you risk getting what you paid for without meeting mission.

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  • Stuart Brocklehurst

    01/12/2015 08:08AM

    I'm definitely not a guru in this area, but I have run a number of tender and contract processes with agencies. I'd say in this area above most others, the KPIs really have to be driven by what your particular business is seeking to achieve from the engagement, and from the circumstances of your market. Happy to chat through further by phone if that would help - PM me if so.

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  • Dan Thorpe

    05/01/2016 04:30PM

    Thanks very much to everyone for your insights. Really helpful and much appreciated.

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