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Do you use a Supply Chain Control Tower & How does it help?

So What is Supply Chain Control Tower? A control tower feature can help you to predict out-of-stock and inventory pile-up situations in your businesses. A good inventory planning software can help you flag out-of-stock situations and give alerts for the SKUs which can run out of stock thus ensuring that your customers are satisfied ensuring customer loyalty is maintained. Similarly, it also alerts for an inventory pile-up situation, in the case when you have an inventory overstock based on the demand predicted for that time period. This allows you to have better inventory turns and make sure you don’t have locked working capital. It also allows you to plan for a liquidation sale to minimize your pile-up losses. A good AI-powered automation tool can also help you create purchase plans in just a few clicks for the SKUs at risk of running out of stock to ensure minimal manual intervention and high visibility at the granular level.
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