• Josh Goodman 27/08/2015 03:22PM

    In Optimisation

    Do you think effective change management can help position procurement as a strategic part of an organisation?

    In our latest white paper (available for free here: http://hubs.ly/H016nl10), we offer some best practice tips for managing change across the supply chain and argue that being an agent of change can help make procurement a strategic business element.

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  • Horst Holzträger

    03/09/2015 06:49PM

    It is in fact critical that procurement is a critical, strategic part of an organisation: procurement directly influences the profit margin! This however means that you need to have pro-active procurement staff that understands this and is able to demonstrate their result on the margin to be able to convince doubters.

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  • Brittany Whitmore

    27/08/2015 09:30PM

    Thanks for sharing, Josh!
    I definitely think that a great procurement process can be an agent of change. If a system is deployed that integrates internal controls, the organization can become more financially sound and also have a better process. This is a big change from ad hoc paper and verbal processes, especially if the new solution is electronic.

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  • yes it counts because procurement people are first soldiers who get the profit and develop the market for company

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