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Do you think Canton Fair is still relevant in this digital age, especially when you have established suppliers for your products?

Hi Everyone, Since Canton Fair is just a few months away I thought I'd share our blog post here: The Ultimate Guide to Trade Fairs in China with a Focus on Canton Fair – Free e-Book Visit: In this eBook you will get: A printable ultimate Canton Fair Checklist that you can use as an actual guide before, during & after your visit to the Canton Fair. An extensive list of the popular Trade Fairs in China Tips before actually visiting the fair – Researching and Preparation for China Trade Fairs , Dealing with Visa Issues, Recommendations for Travel & Hotels, Essential things to carry with you How-Tos and Tricks at the Canton Fair – At the Canton Fair Venue, Differentiating Traders from Manufacturers, Detecting and Avoiding Scams, Best Places to Eat Out and Enjoy Guangzhou Nightlife, Useful travel Tools & Emergency Numbers Spicing up Follow up – After visiting the Canton Fair And lots more! Elizabeth
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