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Do you know your Golden Circle?

If you are not familiar with Golden Circle, quick google will provide and illustrative version. It is more commonly used in marketing and branding, at a company level, but I have found it a very useful tool both from a personal perspective and in team development. It also helps to re-align yourself amongst all the frustrations working in Procurement can bring, bit like centering your chi! and is a good way to re-enforce the positives within yourself. The principle is simply: Why: what is your cause, purpose. why do you work in Procurement. What is your vision of being a Procurement Professional How: how do you execute your why, what makes Procurement special, and what makes "your" Procurement special What: this is the product of Procurement, the simplest of the three and usually the first and only one considered which normally revolves around cost and buying stuff, but is that all procurement produces. If you have trouble developing yours, be happy to try and help build your personal Procurement Brand :-D Note: there isn't really an appropriate section inside Professional Development for this type of discussion so I've just slung it training for now.
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