• Ferhat Eryurt 17/06/2020 10:38AM

    In Source to Contract

    Do you agree with my thoughts on procurement and Covid-19 crisis? https://bit.ly/3dbpdkK

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  • Zhibek Baimysheva

    06/07/2020 01:27PM

    I would like to share this blog on 5 strategies to respond to crises in return. https://www.deepstreamtech.com/procurement-manager-digital-transformation/

    Interesting to read :)

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  • Ferhat Eryurt

    19/06/2020 09:53AM

    Sure, I would recommend having a coordinator for in procurement who takes care for all strategic suppliers and contracts, e.g. tolling and SWAP agreements. This role would create transparency for all stakeholders and be responsible for governing overall sourcing topics. This would include monitoring all strategic and critical suppliers (e. g. single source, high EBIT at risk, supply disruptions). The idea is to develop an adjusted and adaptive supply/demand plan on a corporate level which considered different scenarios and contingency plans. The plans would be the basis of all business units and the procurement teams and governed by the dedicated role. Furthermore, the responsibility would be to check possible contractual obligations for taking or pay, allocation mechanism in case of force majeure or possible penalties.
    The role must be empowered by the executive team to act as a moderator and decision-maker if there conflict of interests between the stakeholders (e.g. allocation of material or pricing mechanisms). The role advocates for the sustainable supply and profitability of the whole organisation.

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    Helen Mackenzie And then a separate role for contract management perhaps?

    19/06/2020 12:37PM

    Ferhat Eryurt That is a good question. Contract management can be done by - if available - staff tea members, controlling or the legal department who assign a responsible person. It is tricky to respond because you need to balance the "task force" attitude while maintaining the organizational order and to avoid possible confusion and frustrations. But contract management is definitely a focus topic, and the contracts need to be red-well especially the critical ones. What is your thought on this?

    20/06/2020 10:51AM

  • Helen Mackenzie

    17/06/2020 01:41PM

    Would like to explore your idea about dedicated roles. What sort of thing do you envisage?

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